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About Us

F AMKHY GLOBAL CONCEPT NIGERIA LIMITED is an indigenous company registered under the Company Allain Acts 1990 with Corporate Affairs Commission with its corporate Address Situated at 10 Kayes Street Wuse Zone 1, Abuja and RC No 900529 capable of handling conceivable Agricultural projects. Famkhy Global Concept Nigeria Limited is a pioneering concept of packaging essential food items into a multi brand package in a generic market where rice was predominantly just sold as “rice”. Rice Brands are identified as leading consumer brands in the country.

Famkhy has established world-class rice mills at strategic locations, to promote milling and bagging locally. This provides the necessary motivation for increased local production of paddy to build sufficiency in rice. We also plan in the future to engage in corporate farming such as Sesame and other products using most recent technologies.

Our outreach and support to rice farmers is aimed for better yield and sustained livelihood in Nigeria. It works through PPP with Government’s Agriculture Objectives to train small scale farmers with the best techniques in Field Planting, Seed Management, Harvesting, Drying, Threshing and Marketing.

As a company we want to push forward the agenda of opportunity, sufficiency & security in the country.Our nation needs an agricultural system that produces about 50 percent more food to feed the teeming populace in our country and exports to the outside world.