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Famkhy Global Concept Academy is a school under the Educational Division of the company FAMKHY GLOBAL CONCEPT NIG LTD RC 900529 registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act in Nigeria. The company has ventured into various sectors with very enviable record of achievements.

Public Institutions in Nigeria is, no doubt, in a critical situation. It is generally known that the demand for very high standard and conducive Public Institutions in the country far outweighs its supply. It is as a result of this that FAMKHY GLOBAL CONCEPT LTD came to contribute its wealth of experience towards revamping public institutions in the country.

As population of Nigeria continues to increase, there is an urgent need to provide needed solutions to public institutions that will serve the populace accordingly.

Some identified problem to our housing delivery include misappropriation of public funds leading to poor facilities, poor management, expensive and unnecessary bureaucratic delays in securing title documents and planning approvals, shortage and difficulty in raising needed finance and government poor policies and lack of implementation of same.

Because of lack of good management of Government own institutions, that’s why government establishments e.g. schools, hospitals, agencies etc. have very poor facilities. Above all, the standard and state of some of these government establishments remain a source of concern. Most are not functional due to poor management and poor facilities. Some of these institutions are not planned with flexible concept enough to deal with the dynamics of population growth, low income earning, human needs and other factors without lowering the quality of the environment.

Famkhy Global Concept Academy

A New Concept

A new approach is absolutely necessary. Globally, there have been major changes in the ways

Our Vision

In response to the national demand for qualitative and a affordable education, our Vision is to provide quality

Temporary Site

Famkhy Global Concept Academy has been operating the Primary School Section in a rented apartment

Permanent Site

The primary and secondary schools permanent site entails the development of a well laid out modern

Road Network

There will be network of roads within the institution with tarred dual transit spine roads, concrete pavements

Supporting Facilities

The institution will be provided with External Water Supply, External Electrification,

Financing the Project

Famkhy Global Concept Ltd is an indigenous company. The primary aim of establishing the company was to

Other Facilities

Shops/Market: Shops and Kiosk shall be provided within the institution. Health and welfare: Medical Centre

Architectural Drawing

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design.