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Economic Justification: The lockdown of nations around the world as a result of Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated the problems we face on dependence on foreign goods and crude oil as the only foreign exchange earner.

This had led to concerted efforts aimed at changing the picture as it is well understood that any nation that is not capable of being self- sufficient in food production faces a lot of economic security problems. As there is availability of local knowledge on the commodity, we want, as a matter of priority, to utilize our expertise in collaboration with CBN to make our country better by inward development.

There is need for adequate supply of raw materials implying that farming challenges such as use of crude farming implements, smallholder farmlands, and poor access to capital which inhibits farmers’ use of modern planting, harvesting and threshing machines, must be resolved”. This proposed project is intended to take up this challenge of modernizing rice production and processing in Nigeria.